A Curious & Eclectic Restaurant

The creative concept behind this bar & restaurant is all about being quirky, eclectic and spirited.

Curious & Eclectic Restaurant

At-counter dining & drinking. Overhead grid-work with integral lighting and trailing planting. Feature scarab beetle bric a brac adorn key walls. Glowing display units to the back bar and staircase wall feature with added fretwork detailing. Luxuriously upholstered furniture throughout in hues of emerald green, indigo and blush pink.. and last but not least a large scale cherry blossom tree.

The result is a visually stunning space which is both alluring & enchanting

Nothing extraordinary ever comes from playing it safe

Well considered schematics…

We help our clients to design features which entice & intrigue users to maximise the full use of the space.

For this particular project we designed a full height illuminated display to the staircase which leads up to the first floor. This not only acted as additional storage but also as an additional lighting feature/installation.