We Believe in Creativity & Originality

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Punchy Interior Design

We believe in challenging the conventional. Our passion is thinking differently with an artistic, bold and curious spirit.

We make waves by rebelling against dull design and we create original & personalised interior design concepts for clients.

The result is unique bars & restaurants which make an impact and are hard to forget.

Always daring, never boring!


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Project : An intoxicating & lively lounge bar

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Unique venues that stand out

fifi interiors is a fresh and forward thinking interior design studio.

We look to the future when we design and this results in new concepts which haven’t been seen before.

Our female duo of Creative Directors have over 15 years combined experience designing bars & restaurants with personality.

We value originality & creativity above all else.

We believe all interior design concepts should always be bespoke to each client and venue. Our aim is always to generate original ideas, delivering one-of-a-kind spaces which tell a story that the client and customer both believe in.


Project : A psychedelic night café

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"We are design rebels & think with a fresh perspective."

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Project : A curious & eclectic restaurant

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Lead not follow & create not copy

Here at fifi interiors, we are always looking ahead at what is new and upcoming.

We keep immersed in the industry but we are passionate about original ideas.

We aim to be leaders in our industry and be known for delivering unique concepts which generate their own story and aren’t copied from existing sites.

Project: Whimsical Cocktail Bar

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