An Intoxicating & Lively Bar

The creative concept behind this cocktail bar is all about fun, nostalgia and escapism.

90’s inspired digital print wallpaper adorns the perimeter, above the enticing fixed seating. Retro, glowing fibre-optic fountains create a unique feature over the bar - with a cute statement neon sign in candy pink with the venues name.

The result is a show-stopping bar area, ready and raring to be snapped and shared on social media.

Intoxicating & Lively Bar
Immersive and bold - the seemingly random elements in this space fuse to create pure fantasy & escapism
— fifi interiors
XREF blue whale colourised plan.jpg

Maximum impact, whatever the budget…

Colourful, eye-catching design features have been created in a cost effective way in this venue. Visually striking elements can be delivered with innovative thinking to any budget.