Night Cafe

The creative concept behind this night cafe is all about being bright, vibrant and punchy.

A stimulating and striking venue that aims to capture the user’s attention. Colour, lighting and material work together in perfect harmony. Some key features include; an Iridescent tiled bar front with oversized ‘planet’ inspired pendants above. Playful, multi-coloured fluorescent fittings hang vertically from above grid-work with woven ‘solar system’ type mesh. The backdrop in a rustic, travertino plaster effect in a muted indigo blue. Engaging graphics throughout illuminated & highlighted by neon.

The result is an electric, vivid and fearless venue which comes alive as the night falls. Illumination captures attention and delivers an alluring and energetic space to drink and dine in.

Psychedelic Night Cafe
We believe in challenging the norms & creating ‘out of the box’ concepts for our clients
— fifi interiors
psychedelic layout.jpg

Space planning in smaller venues…

Cosy, lounge style night cafe/bar . By locating the bar/lounge area near the front of the venue this adds intrigue & ‘buzz’ to draw users in.

We provide solutions for clients with smaller & more intimate, independent venues.