Just Add Plants!


If you’re anything like the team in the fifi interior design studio - you love plants and you just can’t get enough.

The addition of botanical elements to an interior scheme like a bar or a restaurant instantly brings unique, organic texture and colour. This colour and texture is unrivalled by any man made material.

Colour psychology teaches us that the colour green has a whole host of beneficial effects on the human body. A lively colour, the green of foliage and planting invigorates and adds freshness and vibrancy to a space.

The colour of balance and harmony - green plants offer a slice of stress relief. This goes hand in hand with the type of bars and restaurants we design. Escapism is what we are all searching for at the end of a long and mentally draining day.

Botanical elements instantly add an air of freshness and vitality to any interior space
— fifi interiors

Whilst using real foliage and planting adds authenticity, there are a number of practical issues to consider.

Real plants require a lot of love! The maintenance needs to be top notch or plants will slowly wither and die and there will be no aesthetic values and this will look messy.

Artificial planting is a great option when adding foliage and botanical elements to interiors such as restaurants and bars.

The variety available on the market now is vast and the specimens are very realistic and believable. They require no watering - just perhaps a little dusting now and then…

Our creative team at fifi will explore the options with you in collaboration with suppliers if foliage features as part of your personalised design concept.

The plant possibilities are endless!