Colour Psychology....

Here at the fifi studio we LOVE colour and we’re not afraid to use it! Certain colours evoke emotions and state of mind & we find this incredibly fascinating….the subject of Colour Psychology…

Below are extracts we have taken from Feng Shui expert Laura Benki along with our own interpretations and personal experience…


Represents growth and new beginnings, as well as healing and freshness…

Green is a soothing & calming, a relaxing colour - it instantly brings feelings of refreshment & revitalisation.
It is one of our go-to hues, and we love to incorporate the balancing energy of this colour into our spaces through planting, paint colours and other methods.


Represents love, romance and partnership…

Another one of our favourites…. Pink is a fun, playful colour… The brighter, hotter pinks being more stimulating and the muted, dusty pinks being more mellow & subdued.
Finding the right pink to compliment your scheme is key! We can’t forget the craze of the millennial pink trend which has certainly seen an increase in pink popularity.


Infuses wisdom and introspection…

A deeper indigo blue can be soothing and relaxing whereas a bright electric cobalt blue can be quite energising. Associated with stress-reduction and reflection, blue is calm and serene.


Uplifting colour that promotes happiness…

The colour of warmth, enthusiasm and optimism. Warm sunshine oranges are vibrant and energetic. Full of adventure and fun. Deep oranges can be exotic and exciting. The smell of the orange fruit is also said to instantly reduce stress by 70% so we are sure that the colour, used in the right way, could also have a similar effect.


Inspires spirituality, adventure and prosperity..

Purple is the colour of creativity. It is the balance between red and blue and is known to induce imagination and creative vision.

Also, this rich hue is also associated with affluence and royalty. Wealth, luxury and fantasy. The perfect colour to invoke feelings of adventure and dreams.


Passion, confidence and strength..

The powerful colour of red exudes confidence and courage. A colour which cannot be ignored. It signals power and passion and inspires action! Also a colour of love, an emotion which is strong and over-powering. Bold and exciting - red is the colour to use to demand attention!


Symbolizes power, stimulate health, patience & wisdom…

Cheerful & happy, yellow is associated with optimism and laughter. The colour of a warm sunny Summer’s day - capturing the spirit of freedom and friendliness. Uplifting and stimulating, yellow is bright and vibrant.

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