Trends : Autumn 2019

Below, we discuss 2 key trends we have identified as upcoming for this Autumn in 2019.

These trends will show up in all aspects of design from fashion, art to textiles.

Trend Prediction 1 - Bold Shapes, Bright Colours


We are noticing the use of bold shapes and bright colours becoming more popular throughout street art, fashion design, photography and graphic design.

Whether it will be through small pieces of artwork or full wall murals, we predict we will be seeing a lot more of these exciting sharp colourful designs come into the world of interiors in Autumn 2019.


Trend Prediction 2 - All in Pink, All in Blue


Goodbye all in white.

Using all one colour is a bold and fun way to decorate a space and most definitely makes a statement!

We can feeling it coming. We predict all pink and all blue spaces will become more popular in Autumn 2019 and will be an ongoing trend into 2020.


Psychology of Pink

A nurturing and comforting colour. Conjuring feelings of intimacy, abundance and fun.

Surrounding yourself with pink will evoke feelings of unconditional love and harmony.


Psychology of Blue

Submerging yourself in an entirely blue space will instantly calm the soul.

A colour of tranquility and peace. Blue is seen as trustworthy and stable - using this colour in a complete scheme will bring comfort and reassurace.